Metropolitan Police Department (5000 Sworn Officers): Providing 10 years of service: “TransGlobal Starlight Situational Awareness Management System (SSAMS) is a solid, proven product with tremendous expansion potential. Throughout all phases of the contract, the TransGlobal team has consistently acted in a professional manner, well above the norm. TransGlobal takes their business very seriously and thoroughly understands the urgency associated with the use of their product. They have been very responsive to our needs and have gone out of their way to ensure the continuity of MPD SAMS operations, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. The Metropolitan Police Department has been very satisfied with the performance of TransGlobal Business Systems and their Starlight and Crime Probe product”.…..Thomas H. Wilkins, Executive Director MPD

UMCP: I am pleased to be a point of reference for TransGlobal as their technology has assisted me and my department in making The University of Maryland community and safer place. TransGlobal is dedicated to ensuring they have completely satisfied the needs of their client……., Major Marc Limansky, Commander, Technology Services, Univ. of MD Police Dept….Providing 3 years of service

PGCPS: StarLight allows my patrol officers to enter field observations and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) instantly via their cell phones or MDT’s.  StarLight is dynamic in providing instant notification of incidents to anyone logged into either application whether in the field or in the command center….Rex Barrett, Director of Security, Prince Georges County School System…..Providing 3 years of service

PGPD: “One of the more poignant, if not historic, results of TransGlobal’s business relationship with the PGPD, relates to the PGPD’s satisfaction of a Department of Justice (DOJ) mandate specified in a Consent Decree and Memorandum of Understanding.  TransGlobal, together with its subcontractor, Motorola, succeeded in delivering to the PGPD a solution that addressed the goals outlined in the Consent Decree. Consequently, the DOJ, in January 2005, released the PGPD from any further Consent Decree obligations. It is noteworthy that the PGPD recognized other successes in this endeavor, because the strategies and new reporting capabilities that TransGlobal delivered — the EIS Use of Force functionality – resulted in significant operational cost savings for the PGPD”………..Prince Georges County Police Department (2000 Sworn Officers): Providing 12 years of service 


Testimonial – MPD Fusion Intelligence Division TW


National Harbor Testimonial

Testimonial – MPD Fusion Intelligence Division TW