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School Safety

Prince George’s County Public School System is utilizing SAMS to monitor incidents surrounding the school whether it be accidents, altercations, illegal drug or gang activity or flu epidemics; collaborate and acheive interoperability with surrounding schools and districts; manage events, whether planned or unplanned, including sports events, evacuation drills and simulations; have real-time situational awareness with tracking points of interest and persons of interest.

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Critical Infrastructure Logistics

TransGlobal provides critical infrastructure logistics through their newly formed partnership with Office Movers, Inc. We are able to provide services such as office moving, computer and electronics, warehouse moving, modular furniture installations, library moving, heavy equipment and rigging, storage and distribution, records management, electronic recycling and data destruction, and document destruction.

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Information Sharing in the National Capital Region

Largo, MD – Since September 11, 2001, the Nation has been looking for answers on how to bridge the gap in emergency communications.

The National Capital Region has an intense threat level, and preventing and responding to any disaster is the region’s top priority. Technologies and tools that can predict crimes and respond to crimes in an efficient and effective way are keys to protecting the Nation’s capital.

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How do we achieve collaboration? From Government 2.0 to Society 2.0 lays down some key qualities of the state of a “government 2.0”.

  1. Real-time public 2-way communication
  2. Bidirectional information and communications technology
  3. Government-to-Government engagement and collaboration
  4. Collaboration with public and private resources produce more for everyone
  5. Keen awareness of the power of technology for change

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SAMS featured in TechBeat

“It allows us to see what may be coming our way,” says Police Chief Michael Scott. “We are adjacent to the city. If someone carjacks a car in D.C. within a few blocks of our border, chances are they will head into Mount Rainier, not D.C.

“It gives us a heads up and increases officer safety. Our guys are able to know what is going on around them from a D.C.perspective. We are able to see when a major crime occurs close to us so we know what to be on the lookout for,” he says.

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Threat Mitigation

TransGlobal’s threat mitigation framework involves 4 phases: 1) Identifying threat source which can include terrorists, crimes, earthquakes, chemical or biological attacks; 2) a threat mitigation strategy involving threat mitigation components such as suspicious activity reporting (SAR), tactical exchange, vulnerability assessment, or the identification of persons of interest; 3) an early intervention strategy actualizing threat mitigation components such as the empowerment of police officers by conducting intelligence-led precision patrols versus blind patrols; and 4) threat management which is the emergency operation management and includes data fusion center capability based on interfaces with disparate data sources. TransGlobal’s solutions are able to provide threat mitigation solutions.


Since 9-11 a tremendous amount of teamwork has taken place between agencies resulting in the development of secure, enhanced super data highways and data exchange standards.  Agreements have been forged between LE agencies for the structure and sharing of data.  Seventy-two fusion centers have been created to enhance the multi-agency sharing and analysis of data, focusing heavily on homeland security.  Participating agency members are working in close proximity viewing their own systems.  The closeness has created a trust between agency members; however, are they truly on the same page?  TransGlobal’s SAMS solution has the ability to provide the entire Nation with a common operating platform (COP) Bridging Gaps in Communication.

TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc, a local provider of situational awareness technologies, have partnered up with several Guardian One companies,  Prince Georges County and Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation to showcase the advances in technologies since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.   Collectively, the Guardian One companies are strongly advocating “public and private” collaboration as a means of readiness and preparedness for all potential threats to our communities. These solutions incorporate the disciplines of: public safety and homeland security organizations information sharing systems; CAD integration for cross-area situational awareness and interoperability; and the capability of visualizing, traditionally, isolated hot spots of intelligence.  These technologies position the various public safety and law enforcement stakeholders to become more proactive and informed, rather than reactivate and blind. This type of collaborations advances the interest of public safety in general and incentivizes citizen to become involved in their own security. More recently, this was demonstrated when citizens from Prince George’s County became involved in working with both the Prince George’s County Emergency Response (Prince Georges County Award) and the Metropolitan Police Department, to enable  transparency and awareness related to incidents and potential threats that could occur across  their respective jurisdictional boundaries. During the course of these activities, the MPD’s situational awareness solution was activated in advance of Hurricane Irene to support its response to all potential threats within Washington D.C. The Transglobal Solution also addresses the importance of “hands free” operation, not requiring operator input.  The data is automatically shared to the interested jurisdictions.  It does not require manual input and is not subject to human error.


Enterprise Architecture Framework

Our management philosophy is to be client centric, and solutions driven as it relates to our delivery of services and solutions methodologies. Our core competencies are primarily: law enforcement, public safety, emergency management response and business transformation. By focusing on our customers’ specific needs, we provide consulting solutions that are tailored toward ease of use, compliance with business practices, and integration with desired information technology architecture.


TransGlobal Business Systems, Inc. also specializes in Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) and other Business Transformation disciplines such as Enterprise Architecture (EA) assessments in a variety of speciality areas and industry sectors. We especially apply our wealth of related Subject Matter Expertise (SME) within these disciplines to assist our clients in the strategic alignment and integration of application solutions into their operation environments, as a component of our delivery of services. It is therefore TransGlobal’s role as a provider of software, hardware and business transformation solutions to advise our client agencies on industry best practices, technology optimization and the maximization of budget and return on their investment in technology integration and business alignment.


TransGlobal has conducted Enterprise Architecture analysis and various business process reviews for a variety of Federal, State and Local agencies. We typically  approach these activities with a clear understanding of the short, medium and long term goals and objectives of the client agency. We would also conduct an end to end review of the client  or user agency’s charter, relevant legislation and regulations that govern the operations of the client agency. Our methodology encompasses both a “top down” approach to address aspects of governance, policy creation, vision, strategy and goals definition,  which become the drivers of the business architecture required to support the agencies envisioned strategic outlook. Our data gathering and “as is” capture of existing processes, data reliance initiatives are used for reporting purposes are typically “bottoms up” activities which in turn provides the client end-use a snap shot view of the existing state of is operations. Our methodology and proprietary information management technology allows us to create a template view of both the “as is state”, as well as the “to be state” automatically maps the gaps, dependencies and interdependencies  for all of the   Business Strategy, Business Process Analysis, Information Architecture Design, Application Architecture Design, Application Planning, Application Solution and the general streamlining of business objectives with the underlying business and IT architecture, required to support a seamless, transparent and sustainable approach in the achievement of an agencies overall vision.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrated all departments and functions from across an organization onto a single-sign on computer system and software solution providing a common operating platform for the entire organization. TransGlobal’s ERP solutions provide system integration, human resources management, finance and accounting and supply chain management. We focus on streamlining business processes and analyzing the processes within each department to ensure your organization is efficient and effective to accomplish your vision.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a blueprint that explains how all the Information Technology and Management elements work together as a whole. TransGlobal has been providing Information Technology and Enterprise Architecture consulting for the past 20 years. We’ve provided the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) with consulting services according to the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) based on Zachman’s methodology. This effort entailed mapping the agency’s business goals/objectives to business functions to encourage further development of the entire Enterprise Architecture. TransGlobal developed a series of step-by-step processes to guide the agency towards completing the data architecture, application architecture, and technology architecture.

Tranglobal Business Systems, specialty in Business Process Re-Engineering  and Business Transformation initiatives in general and has conducted a number of Enterprise Architecture (EA) assessments as a subcomponent of many of these initiatives. Consequently, we have a wealth of Subject Matter Expertise in this particular discipline.  It is our experience that an agency client has already committed to a specific EA methodology or approach, while attempting to streamline and derive efficiencies from their existing investments, processes while continuing their business as usual operations towards their general business objective.

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