Starlight’s Response Capabilities

Transglobal’s Starlight’s Situational Awareness Management platform is designed to address the recommendations and conclusions drawn from the “911 Commission”. We have diligently stepped up to theses challenges and created an simple and easy to use tool-kit to facilitate, real-time capture of disparately located data and information; monitor and recognize emerging trends; extract the embedded intelligence and rapidly disseminate these intelligence to authorized stakeholders and First Responders entities, in support of rapid decision making and rapid response execution. Starlight ingests and communicates most data transfer types and electronic signal transfer from most Integrated Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, Electro Magnetic detection and monitoring solutions.

“STARLIGHT” Emergency Management Response & Public Safety Solutions

Transglobal Business Systems, Inc. is a Software Development, Systems Integrator and Business Management solutions providers. Our services and solutions are geared towards streamlining technological solutions towards the strategic objectives of an agency or organization. Our products and solutions are designed towards NIBRS, NIEMS, and CJIS compliance. a1_magorpicture1While they are deployable across any industry sector or address any monitoring and tracking requirement, there is an emphasis towards Public Safety in general and Law Enforcement deployments in particular.  Our flagship software solution Starlight, is designed to facilitate: inter-jurisdictional and inter-agency collaboration,  predictive analysis, intelligence-led policing, and is designed for bridging the divide, connecting the dots, with Real Time disparate and remotely located data, bidirectional information exchange, intelligence gathering, information sharing among multi-agency, multi-disciplined personnel, across vertical and horizontal  industry sectors, and among public and private sector organizations and locations.


Information Sharing in the National Capital Region _ Cross-Border & Real-Time Response Operations

Starlight facilitates effective partnering and seamless coordination with Federal, State, and Local Emergency Response Agencies. Starlights Event Management and Information Sharing tool set allows collaborating agencies to proactively responding to cross-border and intra-jurisdictional boundaries on demand and real-time.Transglobal’s answer to MEMA’s technological challenge of all First Responder stakeholders executing a Response Plan from STARLIGHT’s Situational Awareness Management and Common Operating Platform (COP)


Largo, MD – Since September 11, 2001, the Nation has been looking for answers on how to bridge the gap in emergency communications. TransGlobal’s STARLIGHT Situational Awareness Solution has answered the challenge.

The National Capital Region has an intense threat level, and preventing and responding to any disaster is the region’s top priority. Technologies and tools that can predict crimes and respond to crimes in an efficient and effective way are keys to protecting the Nation’s capital.

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Collaboration Among Multi-jurisdiction Agencies


How do we achieve collaboration? From Government 2.0 to Society 2.0 lays down some key qualities of the state of a “government 2.0”.

  1. Real-time public 2-way communication
  2. Bidirectional information and communications technology
  3. Government-to-Government engagement and collaboration
  4. Collaboration with public and private resources produce more for everyone
  5. Keen awareness of the power of technology for change

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Transglobal Threat Mitigation Framework


TransGlobal’s threat mitigation framework involves 4 phases: 1) Identifying threat source which can include terrorists, crimes, earthquakes, chemical or biological attacks; 2) a threat mitigation strategy involving threat mitigation components such as suspicious activity reporting (SAR), tactical exchange, vulnerability assessment, or the identification of persons of interest; 3) an early intervention strategy actualizing threat mitigation components such as the empowerment of police officers by conducting intelligence-led precision patrols versus blind patrols; and 4) threat management which is the emergency operation management and includes data fusion center capability based on interfaces with disparate data sources. TransGlobal’s solutions are able to provide threat mitigation solutions.

SAMS featured in TechBeat

“It allows us to see what may be coming our way,” says Police Chief Michael Scott. “We are adjacent to the city. If someone carjacks a car in D.C. within a few blocks of our border, chances are they will head into Mount Rainier, not D.C.

“It gives us a heads up and increases officer safety. Our guys are able to know what is going on around them from a D.C.perspective. We are able to see when a major crime occurs close to us so we know what to be on the lookout for,” he says.

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Public Safety & Homeland Security Solutions and Consulting Services

helicopteruntitledTransGlobal has a wealth of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the fields of Public Safety and Homeland Security. We’ve been providing consulting services for the past 20 years to the public and private sector arenas.

Industry Standards & Best Practices

Within the Public Safety and Homeland Security arena, there are several industry standards and best practices that are implemented throughout the nation. TransGlobal’s team has a deep understanding of these standards and best practices from life and first-hand experiences. We have retired state troopers, fusion center directors and public safety directors on our team. We are familiar with the following industry standards and best practices:

  • IJIS Institute
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)
  • National Incident Management System
  • Interoperability
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
  • APCO Institute
  • Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards for CAD and RMS (LEITSC)

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure plays a vital role in the function of government and the importance of eliminating all threats and identifying vulnerabilities. Critical infrastructure is any physical or technology based systems that are essential to operations of the economy and government including energy, banking and finance, transportation, telecommunications, water systems and emergency services in the public or private sectors.

Our approach to protecting critical infrastructure includes:

  • Conducting assessments of vulnerabilities related to attacks (physical or cyber)
  • Recommending a plan to eradicate significant vulnerabilities
  • Implementing a system for identifying and preventing attacks
  • Developing an Emergency Management Plan in case of an attack

As the threat level of terrorist attacks has increased not only on our homeland but all around the world, we are committed to fighting terrorism and protecting critical infrastructure.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

TransGlobal has experience in aiding communities prepare and respond to emergencies. TransGlobal received an award from Prince George’s County for our assistance during Hurricane Irene and the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. We were able to deploy our COTS application in the Prince George’s County Emergency Operations Center facilitate a common operating platform for collaboration and awareness between and among both Prince George’s and Washington Area public safety agencies.

We can provide the following:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Situational awareness
  • Maintenance and training
  • Develop organizations of trained volunteers to assist
  • Maintain supplies and equipment


We are committed to providing solutions to Homeland Security agencies that offer analysis and intelligence of incidents, suspicious activity reports, persons of interest and critical infrastructure. Our products serve as a virtual fusion center and provide a common operating platform for agencies to collaborate, coordinate and share intelligence. Our products compliment legacy systems; not replace them. Our systems can be integrated with CAD/911 databases in order to provide Homeland Security personnel with a real-time controlled view of CAD/911 calls. It also integrates streaming video from city-wide fixed and mobile surveillance camera systems. In addition, it integrates Automated Tracking for GPS enable vehicles and devices making it easier to monitor and track essential assets. Finally, at the conclusion of an operation, users can create a very detailed and organized after action report in seconds. These PDF reports are searchable, can be emailed to the appropriate personnel and archived as an official document.

Our solutions were designed to increase inter-agency interoperability and situational awareness locally, regionally and nationally. Our solutions focus on fusion centers, critical infrastructure, suspicious activity reporting and emergency response. Some of our applications’ capabilities include:

  • Integrated Data Platform
  • Tactical Exchange Board
  • Watchboard
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Suspicious Activity Reports
  • Watchboard Hot Spot Alerts
  • Data Fusion and Shared Intelligence
  • GIS Mapping
  • Predictive Analysis

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Public Safety and Law Enforcement Testimonials

Please review our past performances and testimonials from some of our clients and business partners below.

Client Testimonials

Metropolitan Police Department Testimonial

“Thanks for your support and assistance with the development and deployment of the ‘SAMS’ software. The system has become an integral part of our operations management at MPD. The responsiveness of TransGlobal to our requests and needs has been tremendous throughout this process. Thank you again for your support of our operations.” – Director of Fusion Intelligence, Tom Wilkins

National Harbor Testimonial

“TransGlobal’s SIS solution allowed us to set-up a command and control center for multiple agencies, offering rich real-time situational awareness on events and incidents being conducted. At National Harbor we have a common operating picture in real-time on a 24×7 basis with SIS technology at our disposal.” – Director of Public Safety, Bill Dunston

Prince Georges County Testimonial

“TransGlobal is currently viewed as a reliable and dependable strategic partner of PGPD…TransGlobal has always delivered its quality services and solutions within budget and scope towards the satisfaction of PGPD.”- Chief Roberto Hylton

Business Testimonials

Africa Trade Office Testimonial

“With the increased need to see U.S. business engage in international markets, we applaud the leadership of the TransGlobal team for its innovation, expertise, ethics, and international vision” – International Business Specialist, Elizabeth Crittenden

Prince Georges County Economic Development Testimonial

“TransGlobal has distinguished itself by designing and developing a cutting edge and industry leading technology that innovatively provides ‘Compelling Situational Awareness’ and ‘Intelligence Sharing; through data aggregation, data fusion, and graphic visualization toolsets.” – Director of Prince George’s County Small Business Initiative & Technology Assistance Center, Charlotte Ducksworth

Business Partners and Public Safety Partners

TransGlobal has established business relationships with a diverse group of business and First Responder Collaboration Partners:


To include industry and Private Sector partners :

For more information on our partners or to become a TransGlobal partner, contact us at (301) 583-4630 or

School Safety Choice_ STARLIGHT (SAMS)

Prince George’s County Public School System is utilizing SAMS to monitor incidents surrounding the school whether it be accidents, altercations, illegal drug or gang activity or flu epidemics; collaborate and acheive interoperability with surrounding schools and districts; manage events, whether planned or unplanned, including sports events, evacuation drills and simulations; have real-time situational awareness with tracking points of interest and persons of interest.

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